WEBINAR Building Your Resilience to cope with stress and handle emotions

odporność psychiczna pracowników


Today’s environment is filled with setbacks and unexpected challenges.  Mental Strength & Resilience determines how effectively people deal with challenges, stressors and pressure – irrespective of circumstances. It determines how we FEEL with changes, chaos and uncertainty.

Resilience has become a buzzword – but what exactly can we do on daily basis to build resilience? Join us and learn ways to build your personal resilience & mental toughness by cultivating a positive attitude, taking care of your emotions and practicing healthy habits. The session will help you understand how you can build up resilience techniques to better cope with challenges & pressures and overcome obstacles. 

The more resilient you are, the better you can handle stressful situations and support those around you!

This webinar will give you:

  • An overview of the methods for building resilience & mental toughness 
  • A number of practical ways to immediately reduce stress levels – useful for yourself or to teach others
  • An overview of the tools to boost your energy, balance your emotions and improve your well-being
  • One technique to increase your focus when confronted with distractions
  • An understanding of how to develop a growth mindset
  • Simple how-to tools and techniques to apply in your everyday life
  • Answers to your questions about building resilience
  • Energy boost ?

Webinar Building Resilience:

How long? 60/90 min.

How do we work? Interactive presentation, mentimeter, short movie, jamboard, Q&A session 

Who is the trainer? Malgorzata Henke, Mental Toughness Trainer, Business Coach & Certified Crisis Consultant

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