Webinar: How to take care of your employees’ mental health?

how to take care of mental health

The “Mental Health of Employees” webinar is a pill of knowledge and good practice, and an opportunity to discuss the mental health of your employees.

Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, 45% of Polish employees had expected support from their employers in the prevention of mental health issues. During the webinar, participants will learn what they can do to take care of the mental health of their employees. They will gain knowledge about communication with their employees and how to address their needs and emotions. The ability to take care of the employees’ mental needs is a valuable competence, not only in times of crisis.


  • How to recognize if an employee is dealing well with stress and their emotions
  • Things worth remembering in managerial communication so as to ensure the psychological comfort and mental health of employees
  • Good practices of taking care of one’s emotions in a situation of uncertainty, and the needs of people in a crisis situation
  • How to offer help (and what kind of assistance it should be) if an employee needs help of a mental health care professional
  • What mental health is and why it is impossible to avoid this issue at work
  • How to show care to an employee in conditions of remote and hybrid work
  • What to pay attention to in their everyday work with the team
  • What leadership skills are worth developing now.

The mental health webinar can also be addressed to all employees – write to us about your needs and we will develop the right program together.

Online webinar (60-90 min): Interactive lecture, online feedback tools (Mentimeter), videos, chat questions + Q&A session

Other forms: short online workshop (90-120 min) or workshop training (3-6 h)