How to measure your mental toughness

badanie odporności psychicznej

Since it is good to start making a change with a diagnosis, seeing where you are and what resources you have, it is worth measuring your mental toughness with the Mental Toughness Questionnaire (MTQ48).

As part of the test for mental toughness, you will receive:

  • Online access to MTQ48 to diagnose the level of your mental toughness and effectiveness in specific areas: emotional control, sense of agency (influence), commitment, confidence, and openness to challenge (change)
  • Session with a licensed consultant, where you will be given some individual tips, as well as an explanation on how to improve your mental toughness
  • Comprehensive written development report outlining your results and suggested methods of development

The MTQ48 session consists of two parts:

  • discussing the test results
  • developing an overall mental toughness development strategy

The session may be the beginning of a program of developing mental toughness, consisting of a series of coaching and mentoring meetings. During our sessions, we focus on those aspects of mental toughness that you want to improve or balance. Since it is a one-on-one session, we work individually on what will most significantly improve the actual quality of life, well-being, and performance.

This is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to work – we can focus on an individual situation, analyze it thoroughly, and adjust solutions. Therefore, a few sessions are enough to gain a second wind and take the right path.

In the subsequent sessions, we can focus on ways of dealing with stress and difficult emotions, building responsiveness, i.e. the ability to pause in a tense situation, put some distance, and react in a conscious manner. Perhaps you will need to work with goals, strengthen your willpower and perseverance, work on your personal energy. Since the sessions are individual, you can make use of 100% of our time.

How to measure mental toughness?

Sessions are held online or in person at a meeting in Wrocław. Due to the current circumstances, I recommend online sessions.

The price includes an online questionnaire, a test report with recommendations, and a session with a certified mental toughness consultant.

To take full advantage of the session, you will need a microphone, a webcam, and the Zoom app, you don’t need to install any complicated software.

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