Webinars Wellbeing & Mental Health

Jak redukować stres

A large number of changes, uncertainty of tomorrow, and the lack of a sense of stability increase the level of stress. The webinar will equip participants with useful tools for dealing with everyday stress at work.

how to improve your Mental Toughness

How to deal with change, pressure and difficult situations? How to improve the sense of agency? How to gain mental distance and stoic attitude? This webinar will be helpful in finding answers to these questions.

emocje w kryzysie

When faced with the unknown, a change or a threat, we are flooded with difficult emotions. In such moments, it is crucial to understand our own reactions and emotions and learn how to function with them.

This webinar intends to introduce some basic information about psychotherapy as a field of treatment from the perspective of a patient/client.

jak HRBP może zapobiegać wypaleniu u menedzerów

What builds resilience is the ability to use one’s own resources and seek social support. Everyone has people around them who need support. During the webinar, you will learn how to provide support in a crisis and the so-called psychological first aid.