Psychotherapy: What is It and for Whom?

dla kogo i jaka psychoterapia

Every person feels emotional pain, from time to time. This is normal or even adequate, because every emotion, pleasant or unpleasant, carries important information.  Our feelings inform us whether our basic needs (physical or emotional) have been satisfied. When our emotions are pleasant it means that our needs are satisfied. When the emotions are unpleasant it means that our needs are not satisfied. Along our lives we learn how to “deal” with our emotions and, more or less successfully, how to satisfy our basic needs. However, from time to time, in crisis situations, our strategies may stop to be effective, or even, unintentionally, we may behave in a way that sustains the problem. In such situations a psychotherapy, i.e. a form of treatment by means of a conversation, comes in handy.

This webinar intends to introduce some basic information about psychotherapy as a field of treatment from the perspective of a patient/client.

It will be framed around some basic questions that people who think about or are in therapy may have, i.e.:

  1. What is psychotherapy?
  2. What are some chosen physiotherapeutic modalities, what are the differences among them, and how to choose a modality for oneself?
  3. How to choose a therapist and what is a Code of Ethics for Therapists?
  4. Where to look for information about psychotherapy?
  5. What is the role of the therapist and what is the role of the client/patient in therapy?
  6. What symptoms may imply that I need therapy?

During the webinar there will also be time booked for some chosen questions from the participants. We hope that the information provided will help the participants who feel they may benefit from some form support, to make up their minds and reach out for help.

Time: 60-120 minutes 

Group: up to 500

Chcesz posłuchać o tym, jak dbać o odporność psychiczną? Zapraszam do subskrybowania na youtube podcastu W DOBRYM STANIE 

posłuchaj o tym, jak dbać o odporność psychiczną