The power of appreciation – how to appreciate yourself and others

jak doceniać siebie i innych

Our resilience to hardship, our ability to face challenges, and maintaining good mental health depend on our ability to notice and create what is good. The ability to notice strengths and positives in our lives and generate positive emotions builds our mental toughness. The power of appreciation is enormous. At work, we expect our employer to appreciate us, i.e. to meet our psychological needs, we want to be noticed and trusted. But can we appreciate our colleagues and, above all, can we appreciate ourselves?

During the POWER OF APPRECIATION training, you will learn:

  • How to introduce self-appreciation practices
  • How to multiply your resources and improve your strengths – everyday practices
  • How to learn to appreciate other people and spot what they do well
  • How to appreciate others in a way that is noticed
  • How appreciation influences our brain and is our driving force at work and in life in general
  • Which online tools are worth using

The training is conducted in the form of a webinar (60-90 minutes) or a workshop (2-4h)

Appreciation is important to 99% of respondents.* Only 54% of survey participants feel they are valued at work.

Interestingly, the sense of appreciation declines as people age. 67% of respondents under the age of 29 feel appreciated, and only 41% of those over the age of 50.

  • The 2021 Power of Appreciation Report, HRM Institute

Perhaps it is worth reminding employees not only how to appreciate each other, but also how to appreciate themselves?