How to improve your Mental Toughness

how to improve your Mental Toughness

The Mental Toughness webinar is aimed at all employees. Many people nowadays need new skills or simply inspiration to cope with the chaos, helplessness, and high intensity of their emotions. After all, the speed and scale of changes, and the uncertainty of tomorrow – it all increases the level of stress. That is why, many people need inner strength and allocation of their resources.

The “Mental Toughness” webinar will be helpful in finding answers to the questions of how to be effective in a difficult situation and how to take care of yourself in all this.



Employees will learn:

  • What Mental Toughness is and what competencies make up psychological resilience
  • What we need in order to improve our mental toughness both in personal and professional life
  • What resilience is, or how to be like a roly-poly toy
  • How to improve their sense of agency
  • How to use the wisdom of their body to build psychological resilience
  • Techniques for gaining mental distance and stoic attitude so as not to be “like a billiard ball”
  • Useful tools to cope with everyday stress, pressure, and changes – they will build their own “emergency kit” (because everyone now needs a set of simple tools)
  • About the 4Cs model of mental toughness

Mental toughness and inner strength have an influence on how effectively we deal with challenges, stress, pressure, and change. They allow us to be independent from external circumstances. Psychologically resilient people can cope with pressure and emotions to a greater extent, even in very difficult times. They are also more efficient because instead of giving in to their fears and doubts, they focus on priorities and action. 

The Mental Toughness webinar hosted by Małgorzata Henke, a Mental Toughness consultant and a Mental Toughness coach

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