How to deal with your emotions? A calm mind in turbulent times

emocje w kryzysie

How to deal with your emotions? When faced with the unknown, a change or a threat, we are flooded with difficult emotions. In such moments, it is crucial to understand our own reactions and emotions and learn how to function with them. We offer a webinar where we will answer the following questions:

  • How does our mind work when faced with unexpected events?
  • Different emotional responses – How to deal with fear, anxiety, helplessness or frustration? 
  • What can we do to reduce our anxiety?
  • What to do to avoid emotional exhaustion?
  • How to support others and look after yourself at the same time?

A calm mind in turbulent times – order this webinar to teach your employees how to deal with emotions and stay calm.

Surrounded by a load of information, stimuli, and news tickers, we can feel that there is constant chaos in our head. It is difficult for us to concentrate or fall asleep, because of the thoughts racing in our head. 

  • How to appease that voice in your head that paints the worst-case scenarios?
  • How do you reset your internal operating system and regain control?
  • How not to escalate problems?
  • What to do with the multitude of thoughts, how to organize them?
  • How to learn flexibility and look at a situation from different perspectives?

We will adjust the “How to deal with your emotions?” webinar to your situation and current challenges – write to us about the program.

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