Personal Energy in Remote Work

How to maintain personal energy

The “Personal Energy in Remote Work” webinar answers the following questions:

How to maintain and increase the level of personal energy in remote work and thus, improve your efficiency? After all, it is energy that can be the force that significantly affects your performance. During the webinar, participants will learn how to build mental, emotional and physical resources and how to ensure a state of internal balance.

Concentration difficulties, early morning fatigue, energy slumps during the day, drowsiness, irritability – all this can be changed.

Remote employees find it more difficult to switch off from work, to finish it and “go home”. They often need support in establishing new “remote” habits in order to keep their work-life balance.

We can identify four interrelated energy dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When we take care of these areas, we’ll have more energy.


  • What personal energy is
  • How to diagnose and manage fatigue in themselves and in their team
  • Different ways to boost their energy and performance – in their personal life and in the team’s work
  • How to settle into the rhythm of “work” and “after work”
  • How to look after themselves through balanced diet, sleep, rest, exercise – how to recharge their batteries even when time is short
  • How to build resources of positive emotions and create an “emotional first aid kit”
  • When we are motivated and how to reach optimal energy levels
  • Why they experience energy slumps and how to avoid them
  • Ways to improve focus and to deal with distractions and overstimulation in remote work
  • The relationship between job burnout and energy management.

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