Effective habits and work-life balance

jak być efektywnym w pracy

How to permanently change your behavior to be more efficient? Effective habits.

Do you sometimes have the impression that you are constantly busy, but the results of your work remain unsatisfactory? Come to our webinar that will show you how to use the power of habits. You will find out how to get into good habits and break yourself of the bad ones in order to change your everyday behavior into more effective one. Not only so you can to perform more tasks, but also to maintain work-life balance and job satisfaction.

During the “Effective habits and work-life balance” webinar, you will learn:

  • What does personal effectiveness mean, and what the difference between being effective and impressive is
  • What the work-life balance is about and how to drop the unnecessary ballast
  • Various opening and closing rituals that can help you maintain balance
  • How we sabotage our own effectiveness and how to change habits that ruin our efficiency and work-life balance
  • The habits of effective operations such as identifying goals and priorities and using different methods of self-time management

We have prepared a series of 8 webinars on the effective habits – call us and we will formulate the project goals together.

  • How to become more proactive and strengthen one’s sense of agency?
  • How to set wise goals for yourself?
  • How to determine priorities and stick to them?
  • What is recovery and how to recharge your batteries at work?
  • How does the mechanism of habits work and where does its power lie. What to do to change one’s habits?

We will encourage you to make small changes to get visible results.

The webinar participants will gain:

  • Knowledge, inspiration, and a set of tools to be used in daily work
  • The opportunity to ask questions and get answers from experts during the webinar
  • Good practices, tips, research results, to-do lists
  • A presentation from the webinar in the form of a PDF file
  • 90-120 minutes of interactive training with the use of tools such as virtual whiteboards (Miro, Mural), Mentimeter, and videos

We are more and more overworked, overloaded with stimuli and difficult events. How to find balance in this fast-paced world? How to develop effective habits?